Death is a disease. Cure it.
- Eclipse Phase

In the future, a transhuman need never die. It is possible to create a perfect, 1:1 scan of a person’s brain, and then to recreate this neural network in a new body, leading to an effective immortality. Outside of the DMZ, this is the norm across many transhuman cultures, with most people living several lifetimes before succumbing to mishap or ennui.

Within the DMZ, however, it is extremely rare. Only a few tech 5 worlds (including OP8) still retain the technology to copy and transfer a consciousness, and even then they sometimes get it… wrong. Also, the act of making a copy can alter the original consciousness, sometimes to the point of psychosis.

These sideeffects, combined with the high technological requirements and the expense (at least on worlds that still use money) of the procedure, mean that it is very rare within the DMZ.

Individuals known to have been ressurected


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