Towards the end of the 21st century, humanity developed the means to, for all intents and purposes, travel faster than light – the Alcubierre, or ring drive.

These ring drives, so called due to their distinctive shape, use powerful (and explosive) anti-matter reactors to warp an area of space time around the spaceship, bending the laws of physics enough to allow the ship to travel distances of approximately 1 lightyear every ten 24 hr days. Ships can travel approximately 16 light years in a single jump, and carry enough anti-matter to jump 25 light years.

Due to the distorting effects of gravity, ring drives can’t be used within planetary systems, so spaceships must use reaction drives. Also, the ring drives cause the entangled particles of QE comms to decohere.


A spaceship with a large, obvious ring drive.


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