Five Families of Roba Vecchia (the Junkers)

The Junkers are the colloquial name for the organised five families who dominate space based salvage and shipping routes in Zone 5 of the DMZ. Born of shady dealings of generations past, primarily by established names in second hand parts, ship repair and organized crime from outside the system; rumours persist that they act as agents of the Consortium in DMZ affairs.

Agents of the Five have run the shipping routes all over Zone 5 for many years, buying and selling second hand technology direct to all kinds and have found great business as they expand into Zone 4 worlds. All lines tie back to Roba Vecchia; their home, corporate headquarters, premier scrapyard, garage and marketplace who welcome all you who wish to do business.

Build around and upon a space station of unknown design which seems to pre-date the supernova. The original section of the station is recognizable by clean angles and the artificial biome that centres it, which the Five have surrounded with their garages and scrapyard. It maintains a steady orbit throughout Zone 5. If threatened it is still small enough to utilise a powerful ring drive kept hidden within the scrapyard.

The Five are fair businessmen and experts in the field, but buyers must be wary to not insult anyone in the Families and take care around the children they raise in this environment. Henri visited many times to keep the Calmar running smooth, neither he nor the current crew visited since Henri’s last adventure which saw him break rule one when he insulted the Vino Family Matriarch and had to flee. Then he found out he broke rule two, by unintentionally ferrying Rowan Veronesi off the station when they boy stowed away. Still Rowan has been able to keep the Calmar running, removing the need to deal with Roba Vecchia or any of their agents for now.

The Five Families

Barone- Prides itself for being the oldest family in their alliance, as well as being the most notorious as a powerful mafia before going clean in helping establish the Five Families.

D’Alor- In addition to Roba Vecchia and their Junker business (though they find the word distasteful), they also have strong shareholders and executive power in many on world tech-firms in Zone 5, both consumer and military. Possibly the only one of the Five who still respect the Veronesi.

Bart D’Alor- Family Patriarch, a calculating man with a strong head for numbers, business and marketing. Though his love for his closest blood daughters, and by extinction his support of Raleigh Veronesi, is purely emotional.

Sidonie and Mineille D’Alor (The D’Alor Twins) – Born as conjoined twins connected at the head and sharing a faulty brain between them, they weren’t expected to live long to the distress of their father. It was the intervention of Raleigh, who brought in a doctor capable of separating the twins and using cognitive cyber-ware saving their lives (though the Twins have a literal wireless connection). This brought the dying Veronesi great renown in the D’Alor’s upper echelons, but only fuelled suspicions in the other three Families who suspected the doctor was from the Issho Ni.
Ironically the twins grew up to be Rowan’s childhood nemesis, as they were extremely skilled in deconstructing and studying machinery (more so than most Junker children, even Rowan) and had a bad habit of taking anything Rowan was working on, including Kaylin at one point. They were close enough to allow Rowan to study their implanted cyber-ware, which informed and inspired his own. Could be called his friends, and it’s possible they thought so, but the two only grew more adversary as Rowan grew further apart from everyone.

Scarsi- Earned particular renown for doing the seemingly impossible task of maintaining order and data management of the Five’s many trade routes, agents, dealers and buyers. The patriarch is known as obsessive about his love for collecting and showing alien art and artefacts, despite the bizarre nature of such pieces.

Veronesi- Dying from the mistakes and designs of its previous Matriarch, the blood family consists of only current Patriarch Raleigh and his son. The Patriarch’s powerful need to rebuild the Family drives him to seek deeper alliance both within the Five and further afield, but doing so has neglected his family.

Zino- The past generation has seen them do some incredible work within the Five’s spaceship garages. They have the strongest, and only open, connection to the Consortium as their current Matriarch is a direct daughter of a Consortium Executive. The reason she here and part of the Families is unknown, but it was an insult against the Consortium in her presence that got Henri booted from the station.

Five Families of Roba Vecchia (the Junkers)

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