Rowan Veronesi

A child of technology, and the defacto pilot of the Calmar. Has a sister in the form of a weak AI, a way with machines and a way to talk directly with their inner workings.


High Concept: Friendly Pilot Who Doesn’t Differentiate Man and Machine
Trouble: Can Not Differ Between Human and Non-Human
An ace pilot along with skilled hacker and tinkerer, Rowan works with an almost inhuman skill that seems to give him innate knowledge about a machine’s inner workings. When that fails the more direct approach of plugging his brain into the machine is question can provide new answers and perspective. Along with Kaylin, the artificial intelligence he made and calls a sister, Rowan has a lot of help on the digital end.

However as a kid who never learned the line between man and machine, his definition of what constitutes humanity is broader than most. A trait which is just begging to get him in trouble.

Aspect: AI Sister Shows Hidden Depths
In the Junker’s capital of Roba Vecchia families are close knit; the joke goes close enough for cousins to share a bed, though it’s a suicidal one who laughs about that to their face. There are exceptions though, the Veronesi family is a dying one with only a single heir who the patriarch has shunned in his personal struggle to regain his family’s lost pride. Rowan was a lonely kid, but he was skilled and if he wanted something, he could make it. K started as simple program that grew over time into a Weak AI. Rowan was thrilled and when one morning K asked for a better name and insisted on being a her, neither his first or second thought was to question it.

Aspect: Innately Familiar With the Ship (Calmar)
When Henri docked at Roba Vecchia looking for cheap spare parts, he left his small crew with orders to keep Junker kids away from the Calmar. The risk of your ship being dissembled for parts by young children was a risk you took when doing business with the Junkers, it’s a testament to Junker business that people took the risk. What Henri did not expect is for a Junker teen to be discovered on his ship a day after they left (read fled). He really didn’t expect the kid to have cleaned up his console, repaired the air-conditioning and fixed the annoying squeak on his chair. Claiming to have found himself transfixed the moment he saw the ship, the teen had stowed away in to one of the smuggler’s holds that only Henri knew about. Having a kid on board didn’t sit quite right with Henri, especially when that kid was plugging himself into the ship’s electronics. Still Rowan proved himself a useful member of the crew, and it’s not like the kid would have left without telling his family. Right?

Aspect: Enamored With Beautiful Machine Girl (Joyce)
Rowan is a teenager, at eighteen it’s debatable whether he should even be on the ship. For the most part though he doesn’t act like a teenager, he is at times less mature and more mature depending on the subject matter. When it comes to girls though he’s a touch obvious, the deadly killing machine addicted to augmentation scares most people, Rowan is more concerned that he’s on the same crew as a beautiful older woman. His attempts to remain cool have so far, not been successful.

Stunts Refresh 3
Kaylin, AI Sister: Free extra mental action, once per encounter.
Rowan likes to keep Kaylin close in case of trouble, ever since the D’Alor twins nearly scrapped the computer she was stored on. Though Kaylin lacks a true physical form, she can operate independently, see what Rowan sees, and sometimes more. Inside Rowan’s skull-casing she brings another intelligence to a fight though artificial.

Machine Empathy: Automatically diagnose tech.
Some wild children were raised in the jungle among wolves. Rowan raised himself in a junkyard, among discarded ship parts and hardware. The line between man and machine is one he never learned, and those who see him work begin to question if there even is one. Machines tend to be aware how their feeling, one simply needs to ask where the problem is. Fixing it can be a bit more difficult though.

Ghosting The Machine: If a vehicle has a stunt which requires a fate point, you may use it for free once per encounter.
Rowan once heard the D’Alors father say that the advantage of horses over mag-cycles is that a horse knows where it’s going even when it’s rider doesn’t. Even as a young child Rowan found this ridiculous, of course the mag-cycle knows where it’s going, piloting is not a one man job. It’s a man and machine working together. If a vehicle has a suggestion, why would you ignore it?

Great +4 Technology
Good +3 Pilot, Will
Fair +2 Shoot, Athletics, Empathy
Average +1 Stealth, Notice, Physique, Resources

Physical 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ]
Mental 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ]


Rowan Veronesi

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