Joyce Kyles

Tough-as-nails cyborg with the tools for any situation (literally)



Great (4): Shoot
Good (
3): Fight, Physique, Athletics
Fair (2): Notice, Raporte, Provoke, Will
Average (
1): Stealth, Tech, Medicine, Contacts, Investigate

Physical Stress

1[] 2[] 3[] 4[]

Mental Stress

1[] 2[] 3[]


High Concept: Hotheaded Gunslinger with Attitude

Trouble: Addicted to buying accessories


Streetwise rough fighter

- Born New Mokos, small planet in zone 3
- Survival relied on being able to make the best of any situation and always be more prepared than the other guy

Life is Tough, But I’m Tougher

This job is my last shot

- Smuggling/delivery best way to get to common trade centres quickly and often
- Usually ended employment after stealing cargo/packages to keep

Professional Courier, Perpetually Broke

Jean is my fixer

- Starting to become desperate in employment sphere
- Quietly wracked with guilt for amount of stolen cargo on person
- Jean provides unexpected clean solution – don’t steal it, make it
- Keeps impulsive purchasing habits under control – for now

Captain Evien is my Responsibility

Joyce Kyles

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