The mysterious, and no longer very dead, captain of the Calmar


Henri, an uplifted octopus, was the Captain of the Calmar, and the person how brought the crew together and gave them a home.

As of the start of the campaign, Henri is dead. Upon entering his cabin, the crew found his last will and testament:

A video recording found in Henri’s cabin. Henri looks directly at the camera, and, uncharacteristically, is speaking in English, not French. He seems tired, and maybe a little drunk.

“If you’re watching this, I am almost certainly dead. C’est la vie, eh? Well, c’est la mort, really.

Anyway, the Calmar is yours – equal shares, the paperwork’s been sorted.

Look after her, alright? She’s a good ship.

There is one thing I need done though. There’s a comet in a system called Neuvo Rio – the coordinates are attached. On the comet, there’s a large box. I need you to retrieve it, and take it to Jacobi & Associates on Omicron Persei 8. They’ll take it from there.

Just… be careful okay?"

Meta: I’ve deliberately left the circumstances of Henri’s death, and his personality, blank. I suspect he will be fleshed out during play.

After the crew returned the cylinder to Jacobi & Associates, Henri was resurrected as Henry – a red headed transhuman male who doesn’t give a shit about the Calmar or it’s crew.

Henry is a resurrected back up of Henri, that was made about 40 years before the campaign. He has no recollection of the crew or the events of the last 40 years, but makes allusions to a mysterious employer.


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