Welcome to the DMZ

Millennia from now, the ring drive has allowed humanity has to spread across the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way, settling millions of worlds and the spaces between. The further humanity traveled away from Earth in time and space, the further they left behind the upright apes they had been, and the further they drifted from each other.

Biological modifications, cybernetics and cognitive enhancements changed how humanity looked, what they could do, and even the way they thought. Philosophical, political and economic advances changed how societies were structured. Nor was it just the descendants of homo sapiens anymore – Artificial Intelligence and uplifted animals joined the transhuman family.

Their shared Terran heritage ensures that this family is reasonably close knit – still able to communicate with each other despite the fact that some them breathe vacuum, or are descended from old Earth octopi. No matter how weird the cousins get, they aren’t as weird as the aliens. When humanity left Earth, they found a universe teeming with life – but it was so…. well, alien, that it was often hard to recognise it as life at all.

And, like all families, transhumanity fights. One of these squabbles – a thousand years of brushfire conflicts, police actions, economic sanctions and memetic warfare between three loose transhuman coalitions culminated in the iron bombing of Pi^4 Orionis. Realising that things had gotten out of hand, a 50 light year Demilitarized Zone was declared.

Several centuries later, the DMZ is a lawless frontier – where the right crew, in the right ship, can get rich….or die trying.

DMZ - A FATE Core Space Opera

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