Many Terran animals are already pretty damn smart. By the mid 21st century, humans started to make them smarter, uplifting them to levels of intelligence broadly equivalent to that of homo sapiens.

Of course, making an octopus a functioning member of transhuman society is a little more difficult than simply giving them a bigger brain. As well as increasing the cognitive capacity of the uplifted animals through genetic modification, the animals brains are shaped to allow socialization with the rest of transhumanity. Despite this, uplifted animals do retain elements of the base species – for example, uplifted bonobos are quite peaceable and still use sex as a basic unit of social currency, while orcas have a well deserved reputation for being scary motherfuckers.

Uplifted animals come in two varieties: individual uplifts, where a single member of species is uplifted; and species uplift, where a self-sustaining breeding population is established. A species can be uplifted multiple times, in different places or times, and in different ways.

Known uplifted species:

  • Bears, like Ursury Jones, P.I.
  • Octopi, like Henri
  • Various Great Ape Species, like bonobos
  • Various Ceteceans, such as orcas.


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