Humanity has always used technology as a means of shaping the world to better suit their needs. By the 21st century, however, humanity started to turn their technologies inward, to shape their bodies and minds to better suit what was needed. As they spread out across the stars, they began to began to have less and less in common with the upright apes they had been. They were soon joined by others, Artificial Intelligences and uplifted animals.

They became transhuman.

Transhuman technologies

Cognitive enhancement


One of the risks of continued transhuman advancement is the possible creation of posthuman intelligences. A posthuman intelligence, such as a seed AI, is a being an order of magnitude more intelligent than the transhuman norm – such a being is so far beyond transhumanity, it is impossible to predict what it may do. And what it may do is end the universe.

No posthumans are been known to have evolved… yet.


Unlike posthumans, exhumans are all too common. Where as a posthuman is step up from transhumanity, exhumans are a step sideways, or maybe even back. Cognitive enhancement gone wrong, or the risky use of alien biologies in biomods lead to beings that are just too… different… to be able to interact with. At least, no safely.


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