The Calmar

High Concept Aspect: Fast Courier Vessel

The Calmar is a small, fast ship designed for transporting messages and small cargoes as quickly as possible around the DMZ.

Trouble Aspect: Stolen from….

Unbeknownst to the crew, Henri stole the Calmar from…. someone. Someone who very much would like their shiny new ship back.

Please note that this is a hidden aspect, one your characters do not know about

Aspect: Military Grade Array

The Calmar is equipped with a large, highly advanced sensor and communications array. Perhaps this is why Henri stole it? It’s certainly how Victor and Jean Sui Jen managed to get Henri’s attention.

Aspect: Smuggling Compartments

Henri, sneaky little cephlapod that he was, has hidden small smuggling compartments all over the Calmar. The crew think they know where all of them are….

Aspect: “Legitimate” Business Identity

Henri lodged papers with the authorities of Omicron Persei 8, a Zone 3 world known for its free wheeling capitalism and a lax regulatory regime. The Calmar is an accredited bonded courier, with a license to operate across the DMZ….for what that’s worth.


Good (+3): Speed
Fair (+2): Agility, Stealth
Average (+1): Shields, Firepower, Stores



The Calmar

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