Due to the negative effects of the supernova, the technological level of star systems and societies varies greatly. They can be grouped thus:

Tech Level 1 – Dark Ages
Due to the radiation wave, and subsequent centuries of unrest, many cultures have regressed to a level of technological and social development roughly equivalent to that of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance. Life on these worlds is nasty, brutal, and short. The period before the supernova is remembered only as dim legends, and the “Skypeople” who occasionally visit are revered. The majority of worlds in Zone 1 are Tech Level 1.

Tech Level 2 – Pre-Starfaring
The society maintains (or has re-developed) a level of technology similar to that of the 20th to 21st centuries. Fossil fuels, industry, and even interplanetary flight are possible. Most of these worlds are aware of the wider DMZ, and may even trade with other civilisations. Most common in Zone 2.

Tech Level 3 – Starfaring
These societies have retained or reacquired ring drive vessels capable of interstellar flight, though they lack the capacity to manufacture them or to generate the anti-matter necessary to fuel them. Zone 3 contains many of these worlds.

Tech Level 4 – Advanced
Most common in Zone 4, these worlds are capable of manufacturing ring drive vessels, and of maintaining polities that span several systems.

Tech Level 5
The outer most edge of the DMZ is filled with worlds that maintain a level of technology nearly equivalent to those outside the Zone. Not only can they build ring drive vessels, they can also manufacture and maintain efficient QE comm networks, and conduct small mega-engineering projects, such as space habitats massing as much as small planets. Only level five cultures can create AI or uplift new species


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