While the ring drive allows spaceships to travel faster than light, the only way to transmit information instantaneously is to use Quantum Entangled communication systems.

These systems rely on pairs of entangled particles to transmit data. Due to a quantum phenomena derided by Einstein as “spooky action at a distance”, changes in the state of one particle are instantly mirrored in the state of the other, no matter how far they are apart. This forms the basis of instantaneous, faster than light, communication.

Particles have to be together in the same place to become entangled, and then shipped to the destination. However, the action of a ring drive beaks the link between particles. This, coupled with the fact that using a particle to transmit data breaks the entanglement, means that to a QE communication network needs to be created and maintained by a spaceships travelling slower than the speed of light.

With the creation of the DMZ, the various factions’ QE networks are no longer being maintained and the stores of QE particles are running low. The only reliable way to transmit information is to have it couriered by a spaceship.


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