Omicron Persei 8 might be a hive of commerce and villainy, but it most certainly isn’t wretched. Unlike its near neighbour, Neuvo Rio, OP8 is a tech level 5 world, where all the wonders of universe can be had…. for a price. OP8 produces everything from simple consumer goods and manufacturing processes, to advanced nanotech and new uplift species. Despite these wonders, and a mean standard of living that is much higher than many other worlds in the DMZ, its very easy to slip through the cracks of OP8 society and a large underclass exists. In particular, visitors and migrants from polities that operate under new, post-scarcity economic models find this aspect of OP8 society quite confronting.


A plutarchy, OP8 has no formal government nor standing military, and is instead ruled by several massive megacorporations. As such, it wields a tremendous amount of “soft power”, with the economies of hundreds of systems reliant on OP8’s cheap goods and advanced technology, and the pro-capitalist, anti-statist memes it broadcasts being tremendously influential. Unsurprisingly, OP8 was a Consortium stronghold prior to the supernova, and is often viewed as the Consortium’s proxy in DMZ affairs.



  • Almost all matter within the OP8 systems has been used to construct a massive ringworld or Niven ring
  • The smog produced by manufacturing processes and the weak red sun conspire to keep the day side of the ring in a perpetual twilight.


  • The discreet law firm Jacobi & Associates is headquarted on OP8.
  • The Calmar’s “legitmate” business identity is registered on OP8.
  • After recovering the cylinder, the crew delivered it to Jacobi & Associates.
  • The Blue Murder is the crew’s favourite watering hole on OP8.


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