Neuvo Rio

Neuvo Rio is a Zone 3 world that is, unusually, stuck at tech level 2. This is in no small part due to the fact that system is ruled by the Coalition for Human Purity, a bunch of unrepentant fascists who refuse to embrace transhumanity and as such, live as unaugmented “flats”.

Despite being a level 2 civilisation, the Neuvo Rians have managed to spread out across the solar system and build quite a large and powerful sub-light space navy – one which was able to effectively detect and pursue the the Calmar. The Coalition aspires to acquire Ring Drive technology, however, even the amoral plutocrats of Omicron Persei 8 realise that selling ring drives to an expansionary military dictatorship which views transhumans as literal abominations would be a bad idea. Hence, the Coalition navy’s standing orders to board and capture any FTL capable vessel that enters the system.


  • Neuvo Rio, an Earthlike world. Extremely developed and the seat of the Coalitions power.
  • Infierno (Hell), a blasted rock close to the sun. 1.5 G, with a thin atmosphere that is breathable, but toxic. Rich in minerals, it is used as a gulag by the Coalition government.
  • 1 large comet, that is now several smaller comets.


  • Originally settled by the cultural descendants of South America.
  • The name technically translates as “New River”, but is more accurately “New Rio [de Janero]”
  • Ruled by the Coalition of Human Purity, jumped up fascists with a doctrine of “purity”.
  • Consists of baseline humans, no transhumans.
  • Consider uplifts as no more than beasts, refuse to recognise the sentience of strong A.I.
  • Has retained advanced sublight technologies and is able to exploit the resources of the whole system.
  • Has a large navy which is capable of equalling the sublight performance of most tech level 3 civilisations.

Neuvo Rio

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