Jean Backstory

High Concept and Trouble
Heretic Machine Cultist
Obsessed With Forbidden Knowledge
Jean grew up amidst the strictures of the The Church of the Holy Vault – technology was to be used in certain prescribed ways and never outside of the bounds of ritual, and only the clergy were to be privy to its workings via the Sacred Technical Manuals. Jean never really believed in this approach, however, and secretly stole and read Manuals whenever he could. He was caught on more than one occasion, but it was believed that since he was still young he could be reformed. He was briefly taken into the confines of the Hallowed Maintenance Corridor, passing the comms room en route to the Vault’s power section. As the Engineers gazed on in reverence, Jean snuck back to comms, where he was able to watch how it was operated and listen to a conversation with another Vault on another planet. After the Engineers realised their charge was missing, they decided that more drastic measures were needed. Jean was assigned to farming duties – involving a certain amount of dangerous industrial machinery, intended to instil a proper sense of reverence and respect.

The very next day, Jean was missing most of the fingers on one hand after having tried to pry at the inner workings of an operational thresher.

Phase Trio
I Perform Miracles, Yet I Am A Charlatan
Henri is the Cephalopodic Angel Who Rescued Me
Years passed, and Jean continued being a problem child – constantly asking technical queries of the Engineers, questioning the Overseer’s authority, and reading Technical Manuals whenever the opportunity presented itself. Eventually he got his hands on the key code to open the Hallowed Maintenance Vault, and snuck inside one night. He made his way through the corridors, eventually coming upon the Chief Engineer’s chamber. The Chief Engineer was inspecting project on the World Above at the time, and Jean had the run of the place. There he found a strange machine, looking like a more specialised version of the Autodoc that was reserved for the most grievous of injuries, but chair-shaped. Giving in to his obsession, Jean sat in the machine, activating it. A needle stabbed into his neck, and he knew no more.

Upon waking, Jean noticed firstly that his mangled hand had the fingers restored with prosthetics, and secondly that he appeared to be in the middle of a very localised fog. Getting out of the machine, the fog moved with him, and he found he had some awareness within the cloud outside himself. Jean realised that he had managed to steal a Mantle – the ever-present cloud of nanites that allowed the Chief Engineer and his inner circle of Restricted Personnel to perform miracles and maintain the Vault’s many systems. Jean realised that if he were discovered, he would certainly be put to death for heresy – especially after his many previous transgressions. Gathering up his many stolen Manuals, he made his way to the comms room, where he performed a tweaked, less specific version of the Ritual of Farspeech and prayed for rescue using the protocols designated as a ‘Distress Signal’, hoping to attract the attention of an Angel.

It was Henri who answered – a strange-looking sight with his eight limbs at the controls of his ship, but a welcome one nonetheless.

The Octopus Was Just a Man, and a Bit of an Asshole
Upon recovering Henri’s package and returning it to Jacobi & Jacobi, it turned out to contain a comprehensive record of Henri’s genome from a particular point in time, and he was able to be reconstructed. As it turns out, the french accent, ‘i’ in the name and 8-limbed form were major modification from the base Henry – and that Henry was extremely base, at that. Jean left his meeting with his reconstituted angel upset and disillusioned.

Techninja Nanites
After getting thoroughly smashed at the Blue Murder, Jean & Co stumbled (literally, in Jean’s case) across some techninjas who immediately targeted Dr Chang. As it turned out, their bodysuits and weaponry were actually formed by some specialised military-grade utility fog, similar to Jean’s; Jean’s, however, were designed primarily for maintenance of hazardous systems. After fighting them off, Rowan Veronesi recovered some deactivated nanites and subsequently gifted them to a grateful Jean, who incorporated them into his nanohive.

Victor Challenges My Beliefs
Jean has been raised to use technology as conservatively as possible, and never to try to understand it – yet he has fought this ideology for as long as he can remember, only thinking of technology as a beneficial force. Victor, however, presents a quandary – a man who sought to cure himself by replacing his failing organs with machines, who was placed into a far worse position as a result.

There’s An Art To Science
Adherents of the Church of the Holy Vault are effectively neo-luddites – technology is viewed with fear and suspicion, and they attempted to raise Jean in this tradition. Jean’s renunciation of this belief is aided by an unlikely ability to comprehend how things work without needing to have studied the mechanics behind them. Unfortunately this understanding takes place on a subconscious level, so he is largely unable to explain how he knows what he knows, which can lead to a certain amount of skepticism if he comes up with a conclusion not also backed up with a trained opinion on scientific or technological matters.

Jean Backstory

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