Astronomy of the DMZ

Extending 50 lightyears in all directions, the DMZ contains approximately 1400 star systems, each of which may have several planets and literally hundreds of smaller bodies. Travelling non-stop, at full warp, it would take a spaceship nearly 3 years to cross the DMZ.

The effects of the supernova on life in the DMZ were profound – the x-ray and gamma ray wave wreaking havoc on the transhumans living there. The closer a star system was to the supernova, the greater the devastation. Two centuries after the ion bombing, the DMZ is divided into 5 broad concentric zones.


Zone 1 – “The Death Zone”
Almost nothing remains within 10 light years of Pi^4 Orionis. Almost all of the transhuman and alien biospheres were destroyed – what little survived was shielded from the radiation wave, by either technological or natural means. Most surviving transhuman societies have fallen in to a new dark age – a rare handful still retain advanced technology such as space ships, but have lost the means to produce new ones.
Aspect: Tech Level 1

Zone 2
The worlds between 10 and 20 lightyears from the epicentre fared marginally better than those in the Death Zone. The loss of life was still extraordinary, yet transhumanity was both better prepared and the radiation wave had dissipated somewhat. Many societies have still regressed, mostly to a pre-starfaring level, yet some retain the capability to manufacture new starships.
Aspect: Tech Level 2

Zone 3
Between 20 and 30 lightyears, most transhuman societies still have access to starships. many are capable of producing them, and a rare few are capable of mega-engineering projects.
Aspect: Tech Level 3

Zone 4
Between 30 and 40 lightyears out, most transhuman societies are capable of producing starships. While a handful have regressed to a pre-starfaring industrial age, none have fallen into a dark age. Out here, the effects of the withdrawal of the various factions had a greater effect than the radiation wave itself.
Aspect: Tech Level 4

Zone 5
Forty to fifty light years out, the radiation was barely felt. With 50 years to prepare for the wave, transhumanity has managed to hold on. Most societies span multiple star systems and are capable of significant mega-engineering projects. None are incapable of starfaring. Yet even here, the effects of the withdrawal still lead to years of conflict and suffering.
Aspect: Tech Level 5

Astronomy of the DMZ

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