Artificial Intelligence

One branch of the transhuman family is that of the Artificial Intelligences.

Artificial Intelligences come in three varietys:

Weak AI
These are not, in fact, true AI, but instead are extremely complex computer programs that are capable of decision making, yet lack a true consciousness. These weak AI are a vital part of life in Tech Levels 3 or higher societies, managing traffic patterns, running life support, flying drones, and recommending media selections according to users tastes. Some have transhuman style interfaces and “personalities” that are difficult to tell from the real thing.

Artificial General Intelligences are the real deal – fully conscious, aware artificial beings with souls of computer code. Some evolve spontaneously once a weak AI program reaches a certain level of complexity. Others are designed and created specifically. As they are created by transhumans, they are cognitively similar to other transhumans, and can easily relate to the rest of transhumanity. In some polities, AGIs are discriminated against, viewed as no different to weak AI – computer programs to be controlled and used, and deleted if they stop behaving. Most AGIs are embodied in some way – having a robot body (often of a vaguely humanoid shape) with which they can interact with the world.


Seed AI
If transhumanity can make an intelligence smarter than itself, then it logically follows that that intelligence can make an even smarter intelligence, and so on. These so called Seed AI have yet to be created (at least as far as anyone can tell), but the rise of such posthuman intelligences is dreaded in some circles.

Artificial Intelligence

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