Victor Jordan

Genius level Inventor with an indomitable will, and a love for legends


High concept Aspect: DIY Cyborg
Trouble Aspect: Broken
Aspect Trio: Ingenious Inventor, Let nobody in, Mohammed my Saint

Great (+4) Will
Good (+3) Technology, Shoot
Fair (+2) Resources, Notice, Rapport, Empathy
Average (+1) Provoke, History, Deceive, Physique, Pilot

Stunts Refresh 3
I will not die yet, not now – Ignore a mild or moderate consequence for the scene. This action comes back at the end of the situation at a +1 severity (mild becomes moderate, moderate becomes severe etc.)
A squirrel, some string and a megaphone – +2 to resource when making checks to do with creating obscure devices from scratch
Barely human – Use Technology instead of Medicine when making a medical check for himself

Physical: 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ]
Mental: 1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ]


High concept and Trouble
DIY’ Cyborg
Victor Jordan was born to a shattered family on Aesod IV, an isolated and desolate fringe planet bordering the second and third rings of the DMZ. From a young age he had heard stories from his mother that had been passed down throughout his world, of times and knowledge long lost, when the area used to flourish in a golden age with technology and wonders, that would make any child both quake with fear and smile with glee. As he grew older this sense of wonder never left, but the laughter and the shivers passed as time went on. Every step of his life he searched for the technology that has left his planet wallowing in the wake of brilliance and technology. When his entire family had passed away at the age of 17, Victor made it his life work to further his childish efforts to reinvent the lost technology.

As genius as he was in creating inventions out of common junk and scrap metal, even he could not prevent nature taking its intended course; At the age of 22 Victor was diagnosed with an unknown terminal illness, symptoms of which included multiple organ and muscle failure. Given the choice of sudden painless death or long painful death, he spat in the face of Fate, and chose life. Using what knowledge about cybernetics he had gathered from children’s stories and practical research, he attempted to perform cyber conversion on himself. Despite how incredible he was at creating the technology, his ability to perform open chest surgery on his organs and replacing them with cyber-technology was not up to scratch. Although he did manage to replace the end half of each limb with robotics, as well as every major internal organ, the robotic parts suffered from major mechanical flaws, leaving him, in essence, with the same issues he suffered from before his attempted surgery. This failure did not break his will, but had the opposite effect; Victor now lives to repair his shattered and broken body, as well as bring a new golden age to his planet.

Phase Trio
Ingenious Inventor
Victor was always aware he had a unique gift when it came to seeing how the most common of items could stick together and create some wondrous new device people could only have dreamed of. However Victor was never satisfied, believing, somewhat childishly, that only he could restore his planets golden age by recovering and reinventing what had been lost. This was never more true than when he believed he alone could perform the necessary surgery which left him a crippled and horrid mangle of man and machine.

Let nobody in
After being left a cripple by his own devices, and seeing no way of help ever being offered to him by the technologically inept people who called his planet home, Victor was left with no choice but to attempt to contact the starfarers who rarely visited the planet. While having no practical experience in communications, Victor used all of his ingenuity to create what he hoped would send out a call for help. And by the luck of whatever gods were left, his creation worked – an Octopod by the name of Henri heard and responded to his plea for help as he was passing through the area. Although Victor expected nothing but information on how to alleviate his new mechanical faults, Henri went above his expectations and offered him a lift offworld, allowing him to get help from true professionals in the field of cybernetics. Honored beyond belief, Victor offered his eternal thanks and loyalty, as he clanked his broken legs up the ramp into the universe.

Years later after Henry, the second coming of Henri attacked and attempted to capture Victors friend Mohammed, Victor learned the hard way that everyone in the universe only looks after themselves, and he understands that he’d better start doing that for himself.

Mohammed my Saint
During his travels with Henri as the trainee engineer of the ship, the acquisition of the ships doctor, Dr. Mohammed Chang, presented Victor with a new challenge. Approaching him about the nature of his still present (but permanantly repressed) unknown disease, Mohammed was able to give him medication that would cure his ailment. Horrified that his slapdash mechanical surgery which left him almost as many problems as before was not actually necessary, Victor had a long inward focused meditation. However, he concluded that he would never have been able to get off Aesod IV before he had died of the natural disease in the first place. He thanked Mohammed profusely before continuing his unrelenting mission to both repair his body and bring back the legendary golden age to his planet.

Victor Jordan

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