Ursury Bearnard Jones

A bear who is also a private investigator...IN SPACE.


High Concept: P.I. Who Is A Bear

Trouble: Animal Instincts.

As far as Ursury knows his tale begins as all good tales should, with a massive explosion.
He was the only thing to surive, not yet born, in an armoured pod. The pod was promptly impounded by Iaran police and declared evidence. Upon inspection the pod opened, revealing a bear cub.


Aspect: Raised by Cops

Ursury spent a little over a decade in the police evidence room, being taught everything there was to know about the world from case files, bored cops, and free access to various firearms, illicit substances and occasionally bodies that were locked down there with him, though knowing quite a lot now, this has given him a somewhat pessimistic view on life.

Aspect: Widely Travelled, But Not Deeply

After ten years, Ursury realised that he could leave, he leapt at the chance, employing the skills he had honed all his life as a private investigator hopping from planet to planet, helping many folks but always searching for his lost origins, even after studying his pod for ten years he only knew that it was very old, and that the ship carrying it had been atypically well equipped for a mere smuggler.

Ursury was a regular on The Calmar, Henri understood the small troubles that uplifted animals could face, and occasionally utilised Ursury’s detective skills, they forged a simple but deep respect for each other.

Aspect: Protective of Rowan

While travelling with Henri, Ursury was surprised to find he enjoyed the company of Rowan, who’s naive outlook was refreshing, and who had no trouble treating Ursury as a fellow sentient, as a result he always keeps an eye out for his small friend who’s open nature was sure to get him into trouble.

Skills and Stunts
-Thats a God Damn Bear: Ursury can use his Physique in place of a social skill to intimidate folks
-The Nose Knows: +2 to notice rolls using smell.
-I Have A Friend Who Knows A Guy: No fate point to have a friend on the shadier side of the law

Great: Physique
Good: Athletics, Fight
Fair: Notice, Provoke, Contacts
Average: Investigate, Shoot, Rapport, Will

Ursury Bearnard Jones

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