DMZ - A FATE Core Space Opera

S02E02 - It mostly comes out at night. Mostly.
"Dr. Chang - mass murderer."
  • Using the Military Grade Array Jean scans the local radiosphere. He finds local propaganda reports of “transhuman terrorists” deliberately destroying a comet, sending debris hurtling into a major Navy shipyard orbiting Infierno, with a significant loss of life. As a result, the Coalition Navy was scrambling to regroup (Aspect: Fleet Movements, Aspect: Fleet in Disarray)
  • Carmel realises that this is the moment for the Resistance to rise up, lending an increased urgency to their mission. Dr. Chang, on the other hand, realises that the crew is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people.
  • Using the Military Grade Array, the crew plotted an intercept course with the vessel transporting the QE particles, the DRB-75, that avoided most of the Navy picket ships. However, the Calmar and a Navy gunboat with it’s fighter wing end up in a debris field together.
  • Victor, with Rowan’s help, hacks the gunboats point defence system. Joyce targets the fighters, and before Dr. Chang can stop her, blows away two of the fighters. In the confusion (the Gunboat’s IT department assumed it was an IFF error, rather than a hack), the Calmar slips past, and rendezvous with the DRB-75.
  • When they arrive at the DRB-75, the crew see that the ship, will intact, has been modified somewhat. A large bubble hab has been inflated over the airlock that enters the resupply vessel. A thorough scan also reveals some pitting and what appears to be metallic growths at the bow of the vessel.
  • The Calmar docks with the bubble hab. Ursury stays behind on the ship, while the rest of the crew enter the habitat’s airlock/elevator, along with Carmel and Jorge.
  • Heading inside, the crew finds a map of the hab (detailing the common area, a power plant, life support and stasis) and a common area with a computer, containing a video log kept by one Captain Evian. She and the others aboard the now seemingly abandoned bubble hab were refugees from the Ayaf system at around the time of the supernova. They managed to hitch a ride on the DRB-75, built some prefabs and then put themselves in cryostasis.
  • Investigating the stasis room, they found that 11 of 12 pods were open and empty, with one of the empty ones forming a makeshift bed and one still active with its contents not visible. The active one had its decanting routine initialized, and Jean investigated the bed, accidentally activating a tablet which had previously been playing some reasonably tame transhuman pornography.
S02E01 - Blue Murder
"I see you bought a spork to a bear fight"
  • After being dismissed by Henry, Jean Sui Jen leads the crew to the Blue Murder and proceeds to order a bottle of Reclaimed Neutral Grain Alcohol. Ursury finds a “Sentient of Negotiable Affections” to spend a few hours minutes with.
  • As the bear leaves the table, a nervous baseline human approaches the crew. He introduces himself as Jorge, a member of “el Consejo Armado para la Liberación de Nuevo Río de la Rule fascista de la Coalición de la pureza humana”, the Nuevo Rian resistance.
  • Despite the hostility of the increasingly drunk Jean, he explains that he knows the Calmar was recently in the Nuevo Rio system. He would like to hire the crew to intercept a derelict sublight QE communication resupply vessel, that is due to arrive in the system, before the NR Navy detects.
  • The crew is then to deliver the entangled particles to the Resistance, so they can co-ordinate their actions with the Resistance cell on OP8.
  • Ursary returns and the crew agree to take the job, with Jorge meeting them at the Calmar the next morning.
  • The drunk Rowan Veronesi decides to hack the Murder’s private database. Ursury stops Rowan from completing the hack, but Kaylin finishes the infiltration, managing to grab a large text file before being detected.
  • Seeing the eyes of every crow in the Murder turn to Rowan, Ursary grabs the teenager and heads for the door, the rest of the crew in tow.
  • Winding their way towards the docks, the crew pass through an alley. Jean stumbles into a doorway and vomits – all over a techninja hiding underneath a cloaking field.
  • Another techninja reveals themselves. A fight breaks out:
    • The ninjas attempt to abduct Dr. Chang.
    • The crew performs some extensive renovations of the alley.
    • The ninjas disengage, fleeing in a hover car – though leaving a snack for Ursary.
    • Rowan manages to implant a malware tracer into the control software of the one of the ninjas utility fog.
  • The crew returns to the Calmar. The next morning, Jorge arrives, with Carmel.
  • A classic femme fatale, Carmel is the leader of the Resistance cell on OP8. Despite some tension surrounding their luggage, she boards the Calmar.
  • Over the 10 day trip to Nuevo Rio:
    • Jean’s nanite’s confirm that Carmel and Jorge’s luggage contains clothing, and a battery pack of the type that can power a laser pistol.
    • Rowan expresses a desire to start cyborging himself to Jean and Joyce. Joyce is all for it, but Jean warns he could end up like Victor.
    • Jean befriends Jorge, who reveals some details about Carmel.
    • Ursary spends the trip tormenting and bullying poor Jorge, until he snaps and dives at the bear over the dinner table, armed only with a spork.
S01E01 - Obligations
"A bus-sized hunk of rock and ice hurtles at you..."

Meta: With adventure logs, I’m just going to write a super barebones summary of each session so we know where things stand. Feel free to embellish or add to it, or to write your own.

  • The Calmar approached the comet, dodging the debris ejected as it approached the sun.
  • As they approached the comet, a Nuevo Rian gunship pursued them, launching fighters.
  • Dr. Mohammed Chang c.M.D managed to recover the box, and it’s contents, a metal cylinder, after being smashed through the ceiling of the small bubble hab on the comet by Victor Jordan, who was operating the tractor beam.
  • The comet broke apart under stray gunfire from the gunship. In a brilliant display of piloting Rowan Veronesi managed to dive through the heart of the exploding comet trailing Dr. Chang behind. When the gunship attempted to follow, it was crushed by the debris.
  • En route, Jean managed to deduce that the cylinder was a high tech Edison cylinder, with an enormous amount of data stored in its atomic structure. Dr. Chang managed to decode a small portion of this data and it revealed itself to be a transhuman genome.
  • Upon arriving at OP8, the Calmar landed on the Niven ring, and the crew took the box to Jacobi & Associates.
  • Ser Jacobi (a very bland person) knew that the box contained a cylinder and created the impression that this was not an unusual series of events. The cylinder was handed to a technician (a clever and friendly person who happened to be about 3 metres tall and very hairy).
  • The crew was paid (Calmar gets a temporary +1 to Stores). Dr. Chang and Jean stayed to watch “the procedure”, while the rest of the crew went shopping. Joyce succumbed to the temptation to buy some more cybernetic implants, and is now broke.
  • The technician decodes the cylinder and, over the next couple of days, grows a clone using the genome. This is very interesting to Jean. Dr. Chang realises that the clones neural network is being shaped to recreate a specific personality.
  • The clone (male, transhuman norm, redhair) is decanted and when it comes to, is rather dismissive of the crew (in fact, he’s a bit of a dick). He reveals:
    • That his name is Henry.
    • He is Henri from 40 years ago (implying that Henri was modified to appear as an octopus).
    • He implies that this isn’t the first time that this has happened either.
    • He doesn’t give a shit about the Calmar or the crew.
    • He has a boss, though doesn’t disclose much about them. He does say that there may be some work for the crew, but his advice would be to not take it.

And this is were we left off. As discussed on the FB page, this is a minor milestone, so feel free to change your character as per the FATE Core rules.


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